Western Warrior

May Day, Expert Disinfo Spreader, Nordic NATO Expansion, The Robotic Vertical Farming Future

Episode 225 begins on the folk tradition of May Day which is hijacked yearly by communist "workers." Macron is hit with a tomato. Many claim vote fraud against Le Pen occurred in the latest election. The majority of Muslims voted for Macron.

The SPLC called to shut down Confederates celebrating Confederate memorial day at Stone Mountain in Georgia. Nina Jankowicz, the head of Biden's new Disinformation Governance Board is an expert on spreading disinformation. The Department of Homeland Security cannot name a single case of "White supremacist terrorism" this year yet calls it the biggest threat.

Another teacher hosts a drag show for students and the CW series Batwoman is canceled.

The NY Slimes has counted every time Tucker Carlson has mentioned population replacement and listed 5 conspiracies he talks about the most, which are all true.

The UK is spending tax money on decolonizing White men in their museums. In Israel, half of Israelis fear a second holocaust.

California, New York and Illinois used billions in covid relief funds to push anti-White critical race theory in schools. The covid vaccine is pure aids yet Moderna asks the FDA to authorize it for children 6 months of age and up.

Sweden and Finland begin NATO application and Belarus is sending military equipment to the Polish border. Republican Adam Kinzinger introduces a joint resolution that would "authorize the use of U.S. Armed Forces to defend Ukraine" should Russia use chemical, biological, and/or nuclear weapons.

Later, we look at vertical farming in cargo containers and warehouses without sunlight as the "future of food."



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