Weekend Warrior

Merkel's Berlin Wall Speech, Occult Vatican, “Anglo-Saxon” is White Supremacy & Israeli Trans Hormone

Episode 120 begins with outrageous tweets and then latest headlines. Joker is the most profitable comic book movie ever made. The Swedish Government grants $175,000 to fund drag queen shows for children. In the UK, a birth coach was forced to resign after saying only women can give birth to babies. An anti-White Indian woman in the UK wants the term Anglo-Saxon dropped because it’s “White supremacist.” Also, 17th century warships have been found linked to Sweden's historic Vasa ship.

At the Berlin Wall fall anniversary, Merkel warns that “democracy and freedom is not self-evident,” while she herself have been destroying Germany. In Italy, Chinese police officers are now freely patrolling the streets to “protect Chinese tourists.”

Greta Thunberg, is getting a huge mural in downtown San Francisco. Speaking of art, the papal audience hall building at the Vatican is constructed in the shape of a giant reptile. In Rome, a giant statue of Moloch is placed outside the Colosseum. Also, thousands of bones have been discovered in a Vatican crypt while in search for a missing teenage girl.

Pervy actor, Jeff Goldblum says there is a “presumption of innocence until proven guilty” regarding Woody Allen pedophilia claims and conservatives are now blatantly supporting censorship of people who criticize them.

As it turns out, Israel is making hormones for trans people while not having trans rights themselves. A massive sex-trafficking operation is busted in Ontario and a pedophile sting in Florida leads to the arrest of 17. In highly disturbing news, newly declassified FBI documents bring attention to The Finders.



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