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Nazis Are Everywhere & No Such Thing As Biological Sex

Episode 91 begins with quick headlines. First, the Spaniard Mexican President demands an apology from Spain for ultimately creating Mexico. Several “civil rights” groups request that the FBI stop nationalism for White people. In Colorado, an ‘American Political Thought’ course removes all White men from curriculum. A French court gives a green light to bone age tests for ‘child’ migrants. Also, a group of Swedish MEPs have revealed that they pressed the wrong button accidentally voting for Article 13. The Sackler family is finally being sued for pushing highly addictive synthetic pain pills.

James Fields pleads guilty, completely changing his story. Two female right leaning politicians are attacked for “white supremacist” Facebook posts and a lawyer in Canada quits after revealing that lawyers must acknowledge “their obligation to promote equality, diversity and inclusion” as a condition to their license. In Quebec, a secularism bill is presented prohibiting many public sector workers from wearing religious symbols, including the burqa.

Krispy Kreme donates $11 million to a charity after recanting for its Nazi past and leftie German singer Rammstein is charged with antisemitism for showing anti-Nazi holocaust imagery in his video. In Europe, an African woman running for politics says Europe isn’t White. We also look into Jordan Peele and his latest anti-White film. In Israel, a female politician makes a campaign ad spraying a perfume called Fascism.

All of capitalist America supported #TransDayOfVisibility and a Teen Vogue video claims there is no such thing as biological sex.


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Flashback Friday: Coronavirus Constancy, Scrubbing History & Babbling Biden With Hard Bastard

Flashback Friday: Coronavirus Constancy, Scrubbing History & Babbling Biden With Hard Bastard

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Why I Support Free Speech

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