Weekend Warrior

'New Political (Dis)Order' In Lebanon, #RyanWhitaker & EU Funding Muslim Brotherhood

Episode 155 begins with International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, which includes people of European descent. Trump moves ahead with corona virus relief via an executive order and antifa gets physically removed from a Colorado neighborhood. Macron wants to take control of Lebanon and John Durham’s investigation into the Russia hoax may bring to light extraordinary corruption. Sweden was rocked by arson attacks and a Danish politician is planning to burn a Koran in an area taken over by Islamic immigrants in Malmö.

Then, we dive into the latest on the Beirut blast and potential coming revolution. We also tell the sad untold story of Ryan Whitaker who was a victim of police brutality. The Michigan governor signed an order calling racism a public health crisis and the EU was busted giving millions to the Muslim brotherhood who want to invade Europe. Meanwhile in the UK, a man was arrested for filming the government illegally bringing in migrants and loading them onto busses. We end on a positive note.



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