Weekend Warrior

New Year, Same Globalist Tricks

Episode 80 begins with a "go vegan or die" protest in Canada, Germany offering 3 million jobs to Pakistanis and Belgian's ban on kosher slaughter. In the US more than 6 percent of the new Congress is Jewish and Mike Pence is accused of acting like a 'homophobe' while swearing in bi-sexual senator Kyrsten Sinema.

White people who are sexually attracted to other Whites on dating websites is a sign of "unconscious bias" and racism, says a cultural Marxist study. A female "expert" gerontologist in the UK says low White fertility rates should be celebrated. Meanwhile, a study in Ireland shows that the absence of non-White individuals in workplace environments increases production output and "White synergy." A progressive writer is ashamed for sending his child to a White private school and agrees that doing the best thing for your child isn't always the best choice, that 'being a good citizen sometimes conflicts with being good parents.'

Sweden invests big in sentencing people who criticize migration and now have made it illegal to say anything negative about transsexuals. In the UK, yellow vest protests begin. Lastly, we take a look at the Economist 2019 cover which is full of symbolism.


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