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NHL Cave To BLM Agitprop & "Far Right" Indicted As Jihadists Now

Episode 154 begins with quick headlines. Patreon lost a lawsuit against Owen Benjamin’s patrons. A Florida teen was arrested as the mastermind of the recent high profile Twitter hack. Also, we give quick second stimulus updates and Trump says he’s going to ban TikTok through executive action. In China, their dams come into question.

BLM’ism continues in the UK as blacks demand reparations. In America, “good White people” are charged for derailing racial progress and the NHL takes a knee to BLM.

In Portland a young man who threw an explosive at a government building was turned in by his own grandmother who saw him in the footage. Despite antifa and BLM violence, yet again the “far right” is called the biggest terrorist threat.

Turning to Europe, thousands protest against coronavirus measures in Berlin and talks of a second lockdown are heard across the world. In Sweden, the communist Green Party is pushing to make it mandatory that Imam’s must marry gay couples and the EU withholds funding to 6 Polish towns who declared themselves pro family LGBT free zones.

In LA, anti-pedo demonstrations have a good turn out. Also, we play a comical video called, 'What quantum physics taught me about my queer identity.'


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