Weekend Warrior

“Nice White People Is a Problem” & Milo's Boomer Interview with Nick Fuentes

Episode 124 begins on Holland's biggest newspaper that mentioned Lana. Then, onto quick headlines. The naval base shooter hosted a dinner party to watch mass shooting videos the night before his attack.Virginia wants to ban self defense training and an Afro-Cuban conservative is called a White nationalist. Greta Thunberg said the climate 'crisis' isn't just about the environment but racist, patriarchal systems of oppression. The Guardian publishes garbage claiming that White people being nice isn't good enough. Trump is making able bodied people go off food stamps by bringing back work requirements and preventing states from exempting them. American Renaissance wins the discrimination lawsuit against a state park that charged them much more for security fees. Also in Norway, a Viking ship was discovered.

Later, we play funny and interesting videos of the week including Joe Biden and Harvey Weinstein but the main focus is on Milo's interview with Nick Fuentes, which we had a lot to say about.


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