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No More Brother Wars & Cancel Netflix Now

Episode 74 kicks off on the 100 year anniversary of WWI and Poland's massive Independence Day March.

The GoFundMe gold-rush continues as a black woman pretended to be MAGA and scammed White people out of $150,000. Not shocking, but districts with large foreign born populations sent hard leftists into the White House, including the first Muslim congresswoman. Ruth Ginsburg took a bad fall. Is she on the way out? SPLC's "hate map" triggered The Family Research Council shooter but they won't be saying sorry.

In Sweden, feminist hysteria steps up a notch. Netflix pumps out more highly disturbing "entertainment" for children and Matthew Weiner creates a series on Amazon Prime that celebrates the killing of the Romanov Russian royal family by Bolsheviks.


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You Have No Right NOT To Take The Trump Vaccine

You Have No Right NOT To Take The Trump Vaccine

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Why I Support Free Speech

Why I Support Free Speech

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