Weekend Warrior

Notre Dame Spite Redesign, Libraries Are Too White & Riots in Denmark

Episode 93 begins with quick headlines starting with the US Department of Agriculture study hoping to find ‘diversity’ in agriculture but instead found old White people. Gen Z is ditching alcohol and becoming the ultimate marijuana consuming generation. Russian security chief warned that 1,500 ISIS terrorists have made their way to Europe from the Middle East.

Notre Dame’s ‘redesign’ not restoration has many worried. One leftie journalist suggested to “give Notre Dame a modern roof the Alt-Right will hate.” The war on Whites continues as a Chinese woman at MIT attacks White people for writing books that proliferate Whiteness and take up space in libraries, that their very existence is oppression and racism.

A Jewish man charged with a hate crime for drawing swastikas pleads guilty to a lesser charge and Michael Cohen will, according to the Jewish Daily forward, go to a very cush “Jewy prison.”

Climate change hysteria claiming the end of the world is here continues with the We Don’t Have Time campaign. Meanwhile, Muslims riot in Denmark over anti-Islam activists.



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