Western Warrior

Ok, Groomer

Well in good news, after the Florida anti-grooming bill was signed, lgbtqp teachers are quitting because they can’t talk to kindergartners about sex anymore. A website claiming to be “fatherly” promotes puberty blockers. In Washington, a liberal 4th grade teacher was arrested for attempted rape of two children. In Oregon, another liberal teacher is investigated for sending nude pictures to a student.

Anti-White federal judge Ketanyi Brown Jackson was nominated for the Supreme Court despite her history of giving pedophiles very light sentences, including leniency in a baby sex torture case.

Another study confirms that social media and too much screen time is harmful to adolescents but liberals say it’s not that bad for kids. Also, children are getting “TikTok brain disorder.” The dopamine rush of endless short videos makes it hard for young viewers to switch their focus to slower-moving activities.

A White highschool runner is punched by a black jogger during a race. The police threatened the White kid and told him to not file a report. In humorous news, a man’s sign threatening criminals who trespass is seen as racist.

A new disturbing abortion bill in California would allow the killing of unborn children throughout all nine months of pregnancy but also would decriminalize killing newborns days or even weeks after birth! In Washington DC, the fetuses of 5 babies were discovered in a woman’s apartment that came from a late term abortion facility. It appears as several were way past 27 weeks or left to die in infanticides. Was this horrifying infanticide part of a satanic DC ritual or are these people just evil beyond our comprehension?



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