Weekend Warrior

Only Guilty White People Are Good White People

Episode 110 kicks off on the straight pride march meant to upset sjws and Calvin Klein’s ad showing an obese model is meant to “reinvent” the brand. Jordan Peterson’s daughter takes a selfie in her underwear with her baby on the bed and Hurricane Dorian comes closer.

The messaging app Telegram protects the identity of Hong Kong protesters. In America, flyers that say “No White Guilt” cause panic and get called hate. In Greece, the migrant invasion flood of doctors and engineers is heating up again and in Germany AfD does very well. Down under in Australia, a pedophile “migrant” assaults a White toddler girl leading to calls for him to be deported. YouTube fined $200 million for violating Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. The uncle of an 18yr old Italian girl, who was raped and murdered by a Nigerian invader in Italy, has threatened to show photos of her dismembered body to the Italian parliament if the country’s new government repeals Matteo Salvini’s strict immigration laws. Sadly, another tragic awful rape is found out in Sweden.

A Sydney university wants to lower the engineering entry bar for women as part of a plan to get more women into the field. CRISPR technology now cuts and splices whole chromosomes and “clean meat” created from stem cells is being created in Tel Aviv.


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