Western Warrior

Pedos, Problems & Pests vs The Solution

Episode 239 being with NY governor Kathy Hochul who said Republicans should leave the state and are not welcome. Suspects from the FBI manufactured alleged kidnapping attempt of Gretchen Whitmer were tried again but this time with a "diverse" jury.  

"Minority" students at the University of Pennsylvania are not required to pass the MCAT to get into medical school. We talk about the greatest wealth transfer in human history from European countries to Africa. The lack of "diversity" in private dna databases is blamed on racism. 

A trans predator in California walks free after being caught messaging someone he thought was a 9 year old girl. Journalists are more concerned about deplatforming pedophile sting groups than child abusing pedophiles. Dershowitz gets mad over being questioned on his Epstein trips and massages. Tucker Carlson interviews mulatto pimp Andrew Tate and other dysfunctional unhealthy people are being promoted on the right. 

We share the encouraging story of a woman who went from being an only child to having 100 great grandchildren. 

Later, western "democracies" are arresting right wing activists and independent media. Also, the next manufactured fight will be over water.



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