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Protests In Australia Intensifies, UK's Vax & Lockdown Program With Mark Collett

Mark Collett joins Henrik to talk about the Covid-1984 situation in the UK. We begin on a few different stories. On La Palma, a Spanish island of the West Coast of Africa, a volcanic eruption could lead to a mega-tsunami hitting Eastern US and Western Europe. Bill Gates secures hundreds of millions from huge US firms and banks to basically suck carbon out of the atmosphere. Germany wants to force Gab to censor, Torba says it's not going to happen. ‘Justice for J6 rally’ in DC was a Fed-Media trap, basically no one showed up. FBI agent who was supped to investigate the pedophile who headed up the US gymnastics Olympics team, Larry Nassar, sought work with him after he learned that Nassar fingered little girls. Australian construction workers end up turning on trade union boss who didn't approve of protests against mandatory vaccines and lockdowns. Massive pushback is finally happening in Australia, the construction workers are leading the way. The U.S. is banning international air travel for the unvaccinated and Pfizer will be pushing vaccines on 5 - 12 year old children next. Mark joins us after these stories to talk about the Covid situation in the UK and more.



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