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Psychiatrist Fantasizes About Killing Whites, Lies About Tulsa Race Riots & EU To Import 70 Million Africans

Episode 188 kicks off on msm promoting more bug eating. Secretary of the treasury Janet Yellen says inflation is just proof that we are 'returning to normal' and taxes should be higher globally. More is coming out regarding the origin point of the Covid-19 “pandemic.” US feds gave $123 million to a group researching the coronavirus and China accuses the US and Japan for creating the virus.

A transman is traumatized after giving birth and Stonewall, a UK-based LGBTQ+ rights organization is pressuring businesses to stop using the word “mother” and replace it with "parent who has given birth," to be more inclusive.

A Pakistani-American psychiatrist told an audience at the Yale School of Medicine that she had fantasies of shooting White people in the head. Also, an Amazon delivery driver tells a woman to check her White privilege before violently beating her. With the 100th year anniversary of the Tulsa race riots in Oklahoma, what really happened that the msm isn’t saying?

San Francisco schools are seeing a big decline in enrollment as families, especially White ones, are fleeing the district. An author who visited mosques across Britain to investigate integration has revealed no-go zones for White men. The EU wants to import 70 million Africans into Europe before 2035. Spain’s postal service released skin colored equality stamps and it backfired.

The Pentagon says diversity is essential for recruiting the “right people” in order to defend the nation.

An African-American sociologist says White people enjoying the outdoors is White supremacy and colonialism. Doctors from some of America's top medical institutions have anonymously spoken out against “woke culture” and anti-White racism taking over the medical institutions.

In good news, support for Israel is dropping even among evangelical Christians.



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