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Putin Wins Russia, National Geographic Surrenders to Neo-Marxists

Episode 56 begins on Alex Jones was is being sued for defamation by a leftie protester who attended the rally in Charlottesville. Meanwhile in Israel, Knesset endorses a bill defining Israel as a “Nation for Jews.” On Speaker's Corner in the UK, Tommy Robinson delivers Martin Sellner’s speech that he wrote in prison. In Spain, Africans riot and destroy a Madrid suburb after a Senegalese illegal immigrant died of a heart attack while being chased by police for illegal vending.

They said it was coming and it's here, freaky lab-grown 'clean' meat could be on sale by the end of 2018. Richard Dawkins celebrates this news and takes it further suggesting eating human flesh to overcome the cannibalism ‘taboo.’

California appoints it's first illegal alien to state office who is also an open borders activist. In Sweden, a female finance minister says migrants need to ‘go to other countries’ as refugee integration capacity has been stretched to the max. Better late than never. In Australia, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said White farmers in South Africa are facing horrific violence and suggests that they receive fast tracked visas.

Putin wins another 6 years and western liberal media accuses him of voter fraud and intimidation tactics. We take a look at who his competition was, including one woman clearly bought by the west.

National Geographic claims that 'for decades, our coverage was racist' because they noticed differences. They're making up for it by telling the world race doesn't exist, White is bad and trans-kids are the norm.

The episode ends with an interesting promo for a new Swedish party called Alternative for Sweden.


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