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Question The Corona Narrative: Curfews, Martial Law & Habeas Corpus Almost Gone

Henrik is joined by guest host James Edwards from the Political Cesspool to discuss how the Coronavirus has spurred an unprecedented response from governments around the world. In relation to the amount of casualties that we've seen inflicted by the pandemic, are we seeing a proportionate response or are we seeing an opportunistic over-reach by the authorities? America, Europe and many other areas around the world are in complete lock down, one step away from martial law. Mandatory curfews and freedom of assembly has been suspended in most countries affected by the virus. What is next? How serious is the virus really and is it worth to potentially shut down the industrialized world in order to try to stop it. Will it be enough or is it too late. At the end we also cover Chloroquine, a medication that seems to be working on Covid-19.


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