Western Warrior

Racist Black Holes, White Rage & 'Dragging' Culture

Episode 191 begins on critical race theory in math. Math is White supremacy so let's replace it with magical consciousness. Also, Cornell claims that black holes are connected to 'racial blackness.' The black supremacist separatist who shoot a White cop in the head is finally caught and more Antifa/BLM violence terrorizes innocent people, but White rage is the problem.

A George Floyd statue was vandalized and it was called "unacceptable" but it's acceptable when they vandalize European statues.

Trump joined the platform Rumble and immediately their terms and conditions changed to ban "antisemitic" and "racist" messages. Sadly, boomers are still on the Trump train going nowhere. Facebook is hunting imaginary White supremacists while pedophiles still use the platform to traffic young girls.

Liberal Californians are upset that the yoga, wellness and new age community has a QAnon 'conspiracy problem.' Also in California, Dianne Feinstein shows off her Jewish privilege selling a vacation home for $41 million.

Jewish groups in Hungary are upset about a new law that prohibits showing homosexual pornographic content to minors and the Czech president calls transgender surgery disgusting. A desperate Portuguese father threatens to blow up a hospital who was going to do a sex change operation on his daughter. In America, the iconic Brady Bunch TV show is getting 'dragged.'

The US media hits an all time low in public trust, while Finland ranks at the top. Also, the US National Guard is preparing for a major cyberattack to shut down public utilities across the country and the Pentagon offers zero answers to the UFO question in a new report.

Later, researchers are converting toxic plastic bottles into vanilla flavouring using genetically modified bacteria. Lana talks about the scam of recycling which isn't healthier for our bodies or environment.



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