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Racist Math is Oppressing POC, Hate Speech Used More by Minorities, Jailed For Sharing Anti-Rothschild Rap Video

Episode 115 begins with the latest quick headlines. New in Sweden, all telecommunications are stored and can be handed out to officials without any criminal suspicions, without legal investigation and without the customer knowing. In the UK, young scholar and thought criminal Noah Carl sues St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge for ending his fellowship. Hundreds of young trans people are seeking help to return to their original sex and Italy wants to lower the voting age to 16. Also, 2 Italian cops were shot dead inside a police station by a Dominican and a French deaf IT worker and civilian police officer converts to Islam and stabs four police officers. Also in France, Alain Soral was sentenced to 2 years in jail for sharing an anti-Rothschild music video, Gilets-Jaunes.

Gandhi is attacked for being a racist again and classical music is attacked for being “too White” again. University of Cornell decided to build an AI system in order to identify “hate speech” but it turns out minorities use hate speech at “substantially higher rates” than Whites. Progressive Seattle, WA is launching “Math Ethnic Studies” in public schools, literally teaching 2+2 isn’t 4.

Leaked FBI documents show that black identity extremism is a much graver threat than White nationalists and Joker movie viewers walk out of the movie urging cinemas to ban the “incel” film. It also surfaced that the sugar industry paid scientists to blame fat so they could sell more sugar.


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No-Go Zone: Beirut Blast Aftermath, Oprah & George Floyd

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