Western Warrior

Red States Targeted By Covid Kill Shots, Digital Slave Grid & Ebola Monkeys Made In Texas

Episode 214 begins on large protests in the west against Covid vaccine passes. Lefties fear rightists are recruiting people.

People are more depressed and anxious then ever from manufactured problems and the White House suggests going kickboxing or having a margarita. The US also now requires all foreign travelers to be vaccinated before entry. The NYPD arrested a 9 year old girl because she didn't have a vaccine pass in a museum. A researcher presents evidence that red states are being targeted with toxic vaccine batches. A billboard campaign in Texas shows that Covid-19 jabs lead to injury and death. Homeland Security tells people to "only take what you need" this winter as people see empty shelves.

China brings back anal swab testing two weeks before the 2022 Winter Olympics. Klaus Schwab discusses the European Chips Act and the need for a "physical brain for digitalization." An Israeli explains why so many IT services are free.

Matt Walsh debates a tranny on Dr. Phil and the first "non-binary" figure skater complains about being misgendered.

A truck trailer carrying lab monkeys crashed leading to several escaping. The CDC was very concerned. We speculate on why.



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