Western Warrior

Remember Leonie, Anti-Whites Worry About CRT Overreach, White Digital Nomads Labeled 'Invaders'

Episode 192 starts on the infamous statue of Robert E Lee being taken down in Charlottesville, Virginia. Virgin Galactic launches its first flight into space and English football fans fight each other on Wembley Way before the European Championships final. In Austria, 13 year old Leonie was kidnapped, gang raped, tortured and murdered by four Afghanis. When a media outlet released the names of the foreign killers, feminists showed up to protest their “racist” reporting!

Marc Lamont admitted that he thinks all White people are racist. Jews claim that banning critical race theory from schools will gut Jewish history. Also, we show more from the anti-CRT camp who is falsely claiming that critical race theory is not anti-White. Meanwhile, anti-Whites question if they may be overstepping calling White people devils.

The Insider claims that White “digital nomads” are destroying the environment and little tyrant Leana Wen wants life to be made very difficult for those who do not take the Covid jab. As the Delta variant spreads, a health expert says there is no doubt that it is being spread at least in part by fully vaccinated Americans. Also, those who take both jabs are 6.9 times more likely to die than those who take one. Is it a coincidence that the 3 countries who did not want Covid vaccines now have dead presidents?

Later, a few native tall tales.



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