Weekend Warrior

Riots of Peace & Trump Supporter Murdered by Antifa

We’re back after a break with the latest important news. Episode 157 begins with an update on the latest batch of YouTubers banned for wrong think.

Then, we discuss social unrest across the west. In Sweden, riots erupted after activists burned a Koran in a neighborhood taken over by Muslim newcomers. On the same day Norway also had riots after a protest against the Islamization of Norway when a Norweigian woman ripped pages out of the Koran. Massive “illegal” protests took place in Berlin and the UK against Covid-19 lockdown measures. Meanwhile, the CDC quietly updated Covid-19 numbers admitting that only 9,210 Americans actually died from Covid. The other 94% had 2-3 other serious illnesses & the overwhelming majority were of very advanced age. Who will take responsibility for creating utter chaos and destruction for lying about Covid deaths?

In the US, we’ll discuss facts surrounding the shooting of Jacob Blake, Kyle Rittenhouse and the Kenosha riots. In Portland, Oregon a Trump supporter was murdered on the streets by antifa. In the wake of the shooting, MAGA crowds head to Portland. Kamala Harris supports the violent BLM anti-police protests and says it will not stop, not even after the election, because it is a movement here to stay.

The famous McCloskey's gives a relatively based speech at the RNC.



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