Weekend Warrior

Rothschild's Dindu Nuffin & Rising Number of Socialists Believe In Violence

Episode 125 begins on quick headlines. The NYPD formed a special task unit to monitor “far right extremists.” CNN politics producer Steve Brusk resigns weeks after Project Veritas video accuses him of misconduct. Christians are outraged after Netflix makes a gay Jesus Christmas special and Chick-fil-A now supports drag queen story hour. In Sweden, a man who beat an armed robber was arrested and parents in Finland lost custody of their child after refusing hormone treatment. In America, a survey finds that almost half of socialists believe that “violent action against the rich” may be justified.

Elite climate change poster girl Greta Thunberg is Time person of the year and she’s busted lying about roughing it on her travels in Germany. A hilarious video titled, “So, You Want To Be An Antisemite?” claims that criticism of the richest banking family on the planet, the Rothschild's, is antisemitic.

A Norwegian artist received around $4M (USD) in public funds over 12 years to do things like pee in his mouth and poop on stage. In Miami a banana installation selling for $120k was eaten by a performance artist. In Sweden, a Jewish woman thinks the police gave her a hooked nose in her photo ID.



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