Western Warrior

Russia's Kerch Bridge Retaliation, Kanye Goes “Death Con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE” & GOP Identity Politics

Episode 243 begins on the Kerch Strait Bridge bombing and Russian retaliation. Germany opens an investigation into the Nord Stream explosion. Bernie approves of the CIA being present in Brazil to "keep an eye on Bolsonaro." The US buys $290 million worth of anti-radiation drugs. Australia introduces facial recognition for students.

The "brave" Mashi Alinejad is being promoted as the woman behind the Iran revolution but she's a Zionist puppett. The ADL and other Jews are big mad after Kanye West tweeted he was going "death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE." Republican Kari Lake panders to Latinos in her run for Arizona governor. Meanwhile, DC moves to let all illegal immigrants vote and Turkey is weaponizing migration into Europe again. 

Recent stories focus on the joy of people who discover they aren't White. Why is there never a story about the joy of one who discovers they are European? 

Later, conservative darling and Zionist Candace Owens releases a trailer for her new film, BLM Exposed. How much is really exposed?



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