Western Warrior

Santa’s Vaxx Pass, Punishing The Unvaccinated, Another CNN Producer Is A Pedophile

Episode 209 kicks off on the celebration of St. Lucia, which represents the survival of a Nordic sun goddess. In Kentucky, a massive tornado rips through the state and liberals blame climate change. A GOP senator said he’s not against troops on the ground and a nuclear strike against Russia. Biden’s White House is working with the media to get positive coverage and another CNN producer was charged for luring little girls to have sex. Trump is shocked by Netanyahu’s disloyalty and said f*uck him.

A White liberal professor was fired after he mixed up the names of two black students, who walked into class late. Meanwhile, another anti-White hate crime is called random.

The UK pushes a commercial where Santa let’s everyone know that he has a vaccine passport. Failed “expert” Neil Ferguson says we need another lockdown to stop the omicron variant. Andrew Neil says it’s time to punish Britain’s five million unvaccinated and others suggest the need to “deradicalize” anti-vaxxers like “terrorists.”

Ontario is showing an alarming rise in stillbirths amongst vaccinated mothers but the government won’t even listen to the evidence. Covid protests continue in Europe. In New Zealand, Jacinda Arden’s net worth increased over 3000% in the last two years.



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