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Scandinavia's Oldest Runestone Found, WEF Cringe, Rising Anti-White Hatred & Excess Deaths Spike

The American Journal of Medicine published a flawed study that claimed there is a link between vaccine hesitancy, a distrust in government and increased traffic risks. A woman was choked to death by Toronto hospital security for having her mask too low. Scotland's weekly deaths hit a record high post Covid jab and Jacinda resigned as New Zealand PM.  

Russia posts record current account surplus. Meanwhile, they weren't invited to WEF, which was no loss to them. Vox and Vice are being rocked by hard times. Turkey is angry over Koran burnings in Sweden and doesn't want Sweden to enter NATO because of it. An Iranian refugee in Germany wrote a piece celebrating the demographic replacement of Germans in Germany's largest newspaper. 

A transsexual in Canada seeks assisted suicide after his sex change operation. A Las Vegas judge who was working to expose a pedophile ring was found dead. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis and Ellen Degeneres like messed up art. 

An Asian guy talks about the rising tide of anti-White hate. A reparations panel in San Francisco suggests $5 million for each black resident. The Environment Agency in the UK claims that nature shows narrated by White men are stopping "ethnic minorities" from watching and spending time in nature. 

A "conservative" Latino woman at WEF says all illegals should be accepted and let in. GOP representative George Santos not only faked being Jewish to raise money but a video has emerged that appears to show him performing as a drag queen in Rio de Janeiro.

Plant based meat is over but soon plants may be off the menu too because they have feelings. Lab grown meat is the future, so they say. 

Later, a giant Viking hall was discovered and Scandinavia's oldest runestone was found, which is nearly 2,000 years old.



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