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Shrill, SPLC Turmoil, 20 Years Ago NATO Bombed Yugoslavia & Netherlands: The Fire Rises

Episode 90 begins on quick news covering the Mueller report, which was a big nothing. Also, the AfD party in Germany forms an immigrant group called, “The New Germans” and Pompeo said it’s possible God planned for Trump to save the Jewish people.

YouTube failed to ban a popular channel with parents abusing adopted children and promotes a tranny who the left says is “de-radicalizing” young right wing men. Brawny launched a ridiculous campaign #StrengthHasNoGender and HULU released a show about a fat journalist who feels “very f*ing powerful” after an abortion.

Meanwhile, the SPLC is in turmoil revealing their true colors. In Russia, anti-migrant anger and tensions arise in Yakutsk after a woman was raped. In Denmark, a female mayor who supports the building of mosques was blasted with Islamic prayer early in the morning. Twenty year ago, NATO bombed Yugoslavia/Serbia with depleted uranium and West Virginia spends $87 million for new Muslim housing. In the Netherlands, the Dutch first anti-mass immigration party wins the most seats in a single election.


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Facebook Banned Red Ice

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Conspiracy Theories Are Terrorism

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