Weekend Warrior

State of Conservatives, Corbyn Shields Zionist Conspiracy & Facebook Moderators Who Flip

Episode 87 begins on Bernie Sanders who hired an illegal immigrant to be his press secretary. Laura Loomer was banned from CPAC and free alcohol couldn’t draw a crowd for the “crush the patriarchy” feminist conservative panel. Grocery heiress Andrea Catsimatidis is the Manhattan GOP Chairwoman and she dresses like a porn actress.

Funny story, the new leader of the National Socialists of America is a black Jewish man. In Germany, an AfD leader tells Germans to stop carrying shame over WWII and US Representative Ilhan Omar is charged with invoking the 'myth of dual loyalty' but many Jewish writers admit that it's no myth. After accusations of anti-semitism Jeremy Corbyn shared a ridiculous video defending the Rothschilds.

Michael Jackson was accused of hundreds of acts of sexual abuse and it was discovered that Blippy, a highly popular children’s entertainer on YouTube, used to make gross videos where he would poop on another man. The sickness continues in Swedish kindergarten books showing Bella, a girl with a penis.

Amazon just removed films questioning vaccines. At Facebook, moderators are being red pilled by memes they’re supposed to be blocking while others claim PTSD.



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