Weekend Warrior

Superbowl, Blackface, Yellow Vests & A Sicko Named John Money

The American Superbowl debacle happened yet again and gullible White Americans paid money to watch players who don't really like them. Democrat Governor Ralph Northam is pressured to resign for a blackface costume 35 years ago and Senator Elizabeth Warren apologizes to the Cherokee Nation for claiming she was part native.

In Europe, French yellow vest protests don't stop and Finland doubles monetary assistance to encourage "migrants" to go back home. Matteo Salvini learns about three judges trying to charge him with 'kidnapping' for blocking illegal migrants. German police arrest 3 Iraqi refugees suspected of planning a terror attack and also in Germany, an NGO called Mission Lifeline encourages Germans to "fall in love" with and "marry" migrants so they can stay in the country.

Cardinal Burke, a man not supporting the liberal agenda, is kicked out of the Knights of Malta. Israel admitted to arming anti-Assad Syrian rebels and Africans riot in Israel against police brutality and discrimination.

Later, we discuss a pervert named John Money who came up with the idea of "gender identity." In the 60s, he encouraged parents to have a "gender reassignment" surgery done on their infant boy to make him a girl. He later killed himself as an adult.



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