Weekend Warrior

Supply Chain Crisis Looming & Israel Goes To War With Palestine

Episode 185 begins with quick news. A mom could lose her mixed race child for displaying a rock painted like a Confederate flag. Disney executives have launched a “diversity and inclusion” program pushing hateful anti-White indoctrination onto their employees. A transgender weightlifter competing in the summer Olympics is "favored" to win competing as a woman yet never won as a man. Also, trans Caitlyn Jenner is running as a conservative. Restaurants owned by White men will be last in line for federal Covid relief under Biden's “Restaurants Revitalization Fund” (RRF), which prioritizes funds for non-Whites.

Fauci says masks are likely permanent and we cover the latest freaky side effects being reported from the Covid vaccine. Also, in California a man is arrested for selling vaccine cards.

A cyber attack forces the largest gas pipeline in the US to shut down. Fears mount over food prices, gas and other shortages. Also, parts of the US may be entering into a severe drought yet weather modification technology exists if they wanted to stop it.

In big news, Israel strike the Al Aqsa Mosque and the war between Jews and Palestinians escalates.



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