Western Warrior

Syrian Stabs Toddlers in France, Ted Kaczynski Dead, Lauren Southern Comes Down On Trad After Divorce

Episode 269 begins with Elon Musk, "the most dangerous antisemite in America." In Oregon, a Jewish trans activist murdered his father. In Washington, a woman only spa is forced to allow trans customers with penises even though everyone is naked. A Canadian liberal teacher tells a Muslim student, "You'd don't belong here" for not supporting gay pride. 

A Syrian stabs 8 children at a playground in the French Alps and more mass shootings in Sweden. Sweden's Prime Minister says he wants to make multiracialism work with more cultural integration. Hungary is about to reform their immigration policy for foreign workers. Japan's parliament erupts over immigration reform and NATO is planning to open a liaison office in Tokyo, the first in Asia. India refuses to join NATO.

SPLC puts Mom's For Liberty on their latest hate map, which also shows Red Ice. 

Former 'trad wife' poster girl Lauren Southern is getting a divorce. Lana responds to her divorce video commentary and discusses marriage and relationships. 

Ted Kaczynski is dead at 81.



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