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Thank a Journalist Day, Maslenitsa & The “Anti-Semitic” Aalst Carnival

Episode 88 begins on stream.me, which was deleted by its creators after violent threats and Streamlabs who recently purged nationalists. Also, Twitter suspended Lana for 2 weeks for telling a journalist, “learn to code.” Several Identity Evropa members were doxxed while coincidentally the organization was rebranding. Journalists are desperately pushing, “thank a journalist day” and a new moderator tool automatically hides ‘ugly’ comments with ‘hate-oriented’ keywords. The Daily Beast tries to link vaccine skepticism with “far right extremism” and Red Ice. In Europe, a non-European is given an award for being European of the year. In Russia, the Maslenitsa fiery celebration torches a replica of the Bastille. In the Ukraine, an actor who played the Ukrainian president is actually running for president. In Belgium at the world famous Aalst carnival, a float is accused of being “anti-Semitic” which led to Jews calling to have the popular festival removed from Unesco’s heritage list.


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Facebook Banned Red Ice

Facebook Banned Red Ice

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Conspiracy Theories Are Terrorism

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