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The Grammy's "Too Black" & Don't Forget To Remember The Holocaust

The show opens with quick headlines of the week including, refugee rats...literal rats infesting France. Also, IKEA founder dies and 'groundbreaking' Loreal hijab wearing hair model steps down after anti-Israel comments. In a tiny town in Maine, the town manager is fired for making pro-White comments. Tucker Carlson faces more accusations of being a White nationalist and sketchy alt-lite character Jack Posobiec was banned from the dating app Bumble, although married. #Bumblegate

An old Red Ice guest, who is Jewish, makes a surprising comment about the need to break the "Jew taboo." Poland writes a bill to make it illegal to call a German Labour Camp a “Polish Death Camp.” Israel attacks. Also we discuss, how long-lost tapes reveal details of a plan hatched by the 'Jewish Avengers' to kill six million Germans by poisoning the country's water supply in revenge for the Holocaust.

In longer commentary, a black female Fordham law professor argues that Black Americans should be allowed to present their blackness as a recognized legal disability to better combat inequalities and prejudice! At the Grammy's, no White men were nominated for album of the year in the "most diverse" Grammy's ever and the hypocritical Me Too hysteria continues.

In funny news, a White guy pretended to be an Orthodox Jew and conned an equity group for millions.

For the first time in German parliament, the Minister of Family Affairs, Women and Youth was asked how Germany’s women should be protected from migrant sex attacks. She said something really dumb. Germany has a rape problem thanks to their open borders policy where millions of Muslims and other young migrant men are flooding the country. One company has a ridiculous solution, 'safe shorts.'

Young Jews question their ethnostate in Israel after the altright and Jordan Peterson is questioned about the theme of the book, 200 Years Together, at one of his talks in NYC.

As we know anything the altright attacks, is something the left must then embrace on overdrive. CNN promotes cuckoldry and says it's great for couples to try.

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, we made something special.


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US Postal Service Discrimination Based on Political Views

US Postal Service Discrimination Based on Political Views

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