Weekend Warrior

The Great Reset Is Here & Hunter Biden's Laptop From Hell

Episode 165 begins with quick news. A White mother is worried that her 2 year old daughter doesn't care about being an "anti-racist." In Sweden, Mustafa raped a 12 year old girl and get's a "gender conversation." Wiki bans users for supporting traditional marriage. Wiki also says The Great Replacement of Europeans is a conspiracy theory and not happening but another Wiki page says it IS happening. A Chinese ambassador asks if the west is pushing a genocidal policy against Europeans.

We explore brainwashing curriculum pushing critical race theory on kids from K-12. A UK minister of education says that teaching critical race theory is actually against the law. San Diego's school district announced they are going to give higher grades to black and Mexican students in the name of combating "racism" because their grades on average are lower than White students. As Whites become a minority, California is trying to pass Prop 16 which would remove civil rights protections. It would also classify African Somalis as " White."I

nstagram refuses to remove an image of black women holding white severed heads. Across the street from Manhattan's criminal courthouse building, a feminist Medusa statue is installed holding the head of Perseus, a White man

A White Lives Matter march in Ukraine is called fascist. In America, a BLM supporting member of ‘Boogaloo Bois’ is charged with allegedly firing on a Minneapolis precinct during protests following the death of George Floyd.

A supposed leaked Canada road-map for Covid reveals steps, many already underway, for the "Great Reset." We'll discuss what The Great Reset means.Later, more on Hunter Biden's laptop and Joe's daughter who wrote in her diary that she took "not appropriate showers" with her dad.

Later, an Odin statue is unveiled in Sweden. 



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