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The Grifter Right, Legalizing Pedos, It's Not Okay To Be White & Antifa Hate Crimes

Episode 119 begins on former Red Ice guest 108Morris108 who died 2 weeks after YouTube deleted his channel and Greg Johnson of Counter Currents Publishing who was detained and deported from Norway. Then, more on the grifter right including Dave Rubin and Steven Crowder.

Quick headlines include California LGBTQ Democrats who authored a bill to protect sex offenders who lure minors, and transgender ‘researchers’ claim that 3 is not too young to transition a child. It’s OK To Be White flyers cause hysteria and rage once again. In a historic UK port town accusations of racism and White supremacy fly wild over the town’s nickname, the “Little White Town,” which comes from Charles Kingsley's book Westward Ho! which was written and set in the area.

FBI release heavily redacted Epstein files and antifa militant Gage Halupowski was only sentenced to 6 years in prison for striking a man on the head from behind with a baton. Also, a black nationalist and antifa zealot was arrested and charged with felony hate crime after threatening Jews. In Florida, a black principal was fired for “holocaust denial” and the German city of Dresden declares a “Nazi emergency.”

In the US, two mass shooters go under the radar because they are not White. Later, an Australian cultural Marxist attacks Denmark for being Danish.


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