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The Guardian Attacks Us, Hunters, Haters & Gay Iraq Defense Minister's Welfare Scam In Sweden

Episode 122 begins on The Guardian demanding Red Ice be banned from Facebook. Also, just a few words after watching the Joker movie. Then, onto quick headlines. Gay Iraq defense minister commits outrageous welfare fraud in Sweden, collecting child support and sick pay for years. Also in Sweden, officials finally admit that most convicted rapists are foreign and the PM says there is no connection between mass migration and rising gang violence. A$AP Rocky says his time behind bars in Sweden is why he’s returning to help immigrants. Denmark bans kosher and halal slaughter and says ‘animal rights come before religion.’ A former administrator at a New York nonprofit that distributes German reparations to holocaust survivors was sentenced to eight years for running a $57 million fraud. In America, a Chinese Immigrant ex-CIA officer is sentenced to jail for selling secrets to China. Large flute girl Lizzo is nominated for 8 Grammy awards and Hunter Biden denies a child is his.

Then, we move on to show funny, outrageous and interesting videos that caught our attention this week and go over some top tweets.


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