Weekend Warrior

The Problem of White Males Realizing They Have No Future

Weekend Warrior is a weekly live show that covers news, entertainment and culture from an Identitarian perspective.

In this 48th episode Henrik and Lana discuss:

* 2:00 Uruguay: First Transgender Senator Assumes Seat, A Big One
* 4:40 Swedish Total Defense Research Institute Report On "White Hatred" Lists Milk As Hate Symbol 
* 16:07 Papa John's Stock Falls, Tells 'Nazis' To Not Buy Their Pizza 
* 21:50 Twitter Removes Verification Checks of So called Extremist Accounts
* 29:15 The Ugly Truth About Laura Loomer of the “New Right”
* 47:15 Atlantic's 'Lost Boys' Article by Angela Nagel Asks What To Do About White Men Who Realize They're Being Displaced and Have no Future?
* 1:08:45 Impivaara Ep2
* 1:14:10 Creators For Change Youtube Spot Unknowingly Shows Why Multiculturalism Fails Hard


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Questions Liberals Can't Answer

Questions Liberals Can't Answer

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Alex Jones’ InfoWars Sent To The Digital Gulag

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