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The Right's Thriving Art Scene vs The Left's War on Beauty

Episode 51 begins with quick headlines including more terrorism in Sweden, Switzerland wanting to leave the European Union and the story of UKIP leader's glamour model girlfriend who was shamed for sending “racist” messages about Meghan Markle.

Meet “antifas secret weapon,” a White female professor of computing sciences, who has created a database to keep tabs on 400,000 people she suspects are 'far right.' She feeds the information to violent leftist groups and the SPLC. Another professor in Florida is teaching a “White Racism” course in response to the “It's OK To Be White” fliers found on campus.

H&M was charged with racism for featuring a black child model in a hoodie that said, “coolest monkey in the jungle.” The response by blacks across the world was to destroy H&M stores.

Did Trump really call a few third world countries, “shithole countries.” We discuss.

Lefties love birth tourism, just not when it's the Russians doing it. We take a look at Russian birth tourism in America, which is minuscule.

Twitter was busted on camera admitting they censor views they don't like. Their response was laughable.

In Germany, a show aimed at kids features a German teen with an older Muslim “migrant” in a relationship. Another show aimed at kids, teaches about Allah.

MIC is obsessed with the Alt-Right! We take a look at their review of the Alt-Right's thriving art scene and discuss how the left hates beauty and art that uplifts the soul.


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Too Many Women At University?

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