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There's Also A Lot of Good News

Episode 61 of Weekend Warrior is full of good news! Russia accepts refugees from South Africa, Hungary is in the middle of a baby boom, and Poland purges Supreme Court judges still in position from the communist era.

In Sweden, an honest dentist is fined $50k for exposing adult migrants pretending to be children. In Thailand, European men came to the rescue saving a soccer team trapped in a cave and many were annoyed that the heroes were White men.

YouTube is aggressively moving ahead with censorship and investing millions to push "authoritative news" while blocking related videos to interrupt what they call "the downward spiral."

An ‘Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018' has been proposed which includes a 15-year prison term proposal for those engaging in violence while wearing a mask!

Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh as the new Supreme Court Justice causing an outrage because he's a straight, White Catholic male. In Europe, Trump said a few very important words at NATO and the Deputy PM of Italy Matteo Salvini calls for a Europe wide alliance against mass immigration.

Meanwhile in the UK, the Trump baby balloon was a pathetic flop and Terry Gilliam responds to the attack on Monty Python White blokes.

In the Ukraine, a wife made the ultimate sacrifice for her husband thousands of years ago.


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Too Many Women At University?

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