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They Are Going To Ban Everything

Trump says he will look into Twitter's illegal and discriminatory shadowbanning practice aimed at people on the right. The #Walkaway movement grows as more democrats leave the party.

Mark Zuckerberg is in hot water for not banning holocaust denial on Facebook and CNN wants Alex Jones gone. In South Dakota, a man is arrested with a stash of bomb making materials, guns and an Antifa manifesto.

The Trump-Cohen tapes turn out to be a dud. In Virginia, two more schools named after Confederates are quietly renamed. Meanwhile in Hollywood, more sick pedophiles are exposed while the left calls it a Nazi attack.

Lots of good news in Europe as Switzerland rules Eritreans fake refugees. In Austria, Identitarians are found not guilty of hate speech and criminal association and the chief staff of the Austrian army warns that the greatest threat to Europe is uncontrolled immigration. The Czech PM said accepting more invaders is a road to hell for Europe and Salvini rejects EU's offer to pay Italy for every invader they take.

Meanwhile, 800 African invaders storm Spain's border throwing their own excrement at the police. In Sweden, the government is at it again teaching migrants all about sex with blonde Swedes and a young Swedish girl protests the deportation of an Afghan criminal on a plane.


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Facebook Banned Red Ice

Facebook Banned Red Ice

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