Western Warrior

They’re Now Promoting Cannibalism, Study Proposes Chemtrails To Save The Planet, Wolf Attacks & Fear Of Real Environmentalism

Episode 234 begins on the "true story" of The Woman King, which was debunked. The Dahomey tribe lost spectacularly.

You thought bugs were bad. The elite are promoting cannibalism. Also, the politics of climate fear and mass propaganda continue. A recent study claimed that less pollution is creating an increase in global warming. They suggest geo-engineering. The justice department is investigating "environmental racism" in Houston after trash is dumped in a black and hispanic area. A German study claims there's a connection between wolf attacks and far right politics but miss the mark entirely.

Sri Lanka implements a digital ID fuel rationing system and the EU calls for gas rationing in Europe. Italian farmers protest fake green regulation and spill milk in front of a government building.

Monkeypox is declared a global health concern and CDC director Walensky said gay men gave children monkeypox. Meanwhile, people are getting sterilized after the Roe vs Wade decision and Disney is going gender neutral.

Scientists are working on erasing memories and the world's first neurocomputer has been installed inside the brain of a paralyzed person. In Israel, the parents of dead soldiers are using postmortem sperm retrieval to become grandparents.



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