Western Warrior

This Is What Replacement Looks Like, Racist Vampires, New World Order Israeli Superhero

Episode 242 begins with crazy Kamala Harris who says there will be no hurricane relief for White people and Joe Biden celebrates Latino population growth.

A drag queen who danced for kids in Idaho sues a woman for defamation. A new disturbing adult toy is released and transwomen are simulating pregnancies. A new Netflix show about serial killer Dahmer gets an lgbtq tag and the community complains to have it removed as it was not the representation they were looking for. Atlantic Airline releases an ad pushing trans staff and house Democrats vote against parental consent when "teaching" about sexual orientation and gender identity. Lgb Alliance makes a film against puberty blockers and transgender indoctrination.

The genre of European vampire fiction is accused of racism while Interview With The Vampire is rebooted featuring a black vampire.

Greens in the German city of Hanover plan to ban native Germans from a third of the workplace. US Secret Service and Capitol Police hand over James Madison's 200 year old crystal flute to obese twerker Lizzo.

Disney is releasing a new world order Israeli superhero movie and an Egyptian host says Zionist Freemasony aims to establish a new world order.

More on the energy crisis in Europe and Pfizer's Albert Bourla pulls out of testifying on a secret deal with EU's Ursula Von Der Leyen.



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