Western Warrior

Time Is White Supremacy, ‘U.S. Founding Fathers Were Just Slave Owners,’ Climate Hysteria Escalates & War on Beef

Episode 233 begins on Rose City Antifa who is now picking fights with motorcycle clubs.

The NYPD Hate Crime Task Force might finally be investigating an anti-White hate crime. The US passes a measure to identify "neo-Nazis" in the military.  Oregon's department of education is spending millions to indoctrinate students against European western values. An Oregon department of health official delayed a meeting and said having "a sense of urgency is a White supremacist value."

In the UK, ballet is dropped from a contemporary dance school for being rooted in "White European ideas." The possible future British PM Rishi Sunak's family runs a China linked company pushing digital IDs and social credit scores.

A wealthy Jewish activist spent millions to change the focus of Monticello and Montpelier on only slavery, to defame the names of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. Also, Alan Dershowitz brags about Jewish strength and influence saying that they earned and deserve It. 

In Sweden, more brutal rapes by foreigners continue. This time, a little girl. Yet none of them are being deported. 

Rancher Bill Bullard with R-CALF USA warns against the globalists’ agenda & says American farmers will soon have to fight alongside the Dutch. Globalist banks “are making up standards and forcing producers to comply.”

The EU warns of waves of migration caused by a global food crisis. Panama citizens are protesting inflation. Are they next to collapse?

Monkeypox is now a "pandemic" and gay men are lining up to get vaccinated. Hungary is being sued by the EU over their anti-grooming law and Reddit banned the word "groomer" under their new updated hate speech policy.



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