Western Warrior

Trans Revisionism, Money Wars & Destabilizing The House Of Cards

Spring is finally here! Robin DiAngelo says that people of color need to get away from White people and we're ok with that. Greta Thunberg received an honorary doctorate in theology. Coffee is racist now? We explore. Apparently a well stocked and organized pantry is also racist.

Lawmakers in Israel introduced a bill that would punish Christians for proselytizing. A Finnish bishop and politician was charged with hate speech after quoting the Bible. A lesbian Norwegian filmmaker faces up to 3 years in prison for offending a tranny with the truth. Jamie Lee Curtis proudly shows off her son and what about that creepy art on her wall? The US Assistant Secretary for Health, and tranny Dr Rachel Levine said that medically changing kids’ genders will soon be normal. A study published in the journal Nature reports that scientists have successfully created baby mice from two male mice but they still needed a female to make it happen.

Will Trump be indicted and arrested? Protests continue in France after Macron raised the retirement age. The war in Ukraine escalates. Poland, UK, US and France are joining the senseless war.



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