Western Warrior

Trump Acquitted, Your Social Credit Score, Climate Lockdowns Are Coming

Episode 175 kicks off with the IMF entertaining the idea of studying the “digital footprint” of customer’s various online activities to determine ‘creditworthiness.’ The war on guns continues in the US as the Supreme Court will be considering if cops can enter a home to seize guns without a warrant.

An American school tells students to celebrate black communism and the Navy has a new social justice pledge. Trump’s weak impeachment trial is over and he is acquitted. What’s next for Trump?

Covid vaccine “messaging” (propaganda) is being spread through celebrities and targets vaccine skeptics. Also, the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine will be tested on 300 child “volunteers,” even though children are not at risk.

Later, are you ready for climate lockdowns? Once Covid lockdowns simmer down, climate lockdowns will become the new norm.



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