Weekend Warrior

Trump Tells Feds Stop Critical Race Theory Training & Lies Dominate The Mainstream Media

Episode 158 begins with quick headlines. An “Afro-Latina” activist reveals she is really a “White Jewish” woman. Extinction Rebellion activists have blocked access to three printing presses owned by Rupert Murdoch. California passed a bill allowing pedos to have sex with kids and NY Times makes excuses for an Antifa terrorist. Operation Legend has charged more than 200 with federal crimes. Also, an Antifa tent city has been found in Portland and liberal media lies claiming that a “White supremacist militia” was marching in Kentucky. More BLM riots continue, this time in Rochester over Daniel Prude.

A DHS leaker who sabotaged ICE raids strikes again with a memo declaring that “White supremacists are the greatest terror threat.” In the best news, Trump ordered federal agencies to stop training on anti-White critical race theory. Trump also calls out con man, warmonger, editor and chief of the radical far left Atlantic magazine after he publishes lies about him. Then, more on Covid. Lastly, we cover the nationalist protest in England against illegal channel crossings at Dover by migrants.



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