Weekend Warrior

Venezuela Coup, Fake Newsguard & Youtube Ends "Conspiracy Theory" Videos

Episode 82 begins on a male 'nurse' who raped an incapacitated woman and impregnated her. In Oregon, the female governor supports a communistic bill that would make government home visits mandatory for parents with newborns. American Airlines removed a Jewish family from a flight for ‘body odor’ and AeroMexico Airline offers discounts to Americans with Mexican DNA.

Ocasio-Cortez predicts that the world will end in 12 years because of climate change deniers. Also, subprime loans are back, which means a financial crash may be in our near future.

The "hottest" hair color of the moment is....gray. Liberals claim it's a revolution in our 'outdated' notions of women’s beauty. In Canada, posters that read, “If everyone is Canadian, then to be Canadian means nothing,” makes the news.

We heavily focus on the ongoing coup’ d'etat in Venezuela and also talk about Microsoft's browser fighting "fake news" as well as Youtube's end to “conspiracy theory” video recommendations.



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