Western Warrior

‘Virtuous Pedophiles,’ Abrahamic World Order, What Really Happened In Maui?

Episode 278 begins with a kid who notices race. His mom immediately begins 'antiracist' brainwashing and posts a video on TikTok. Abusive mothers put their young children on puberty blockers while virtue signaling online. Channel 4 in the UK interviewed a self-described “virtuous pedophile” who calls himself “Mouse” and Wired says AI generated child porn protects children. 

We view a disabled woman using a computer brain interface and new technology in food production. Biden wants a new Covid vaccine to be mandatory for all. 

Saudis are torturing and killing migrants at their border and getting away with it. Iran’s Reza Pahlavi is praised by the ADL and is normalizing ties with Israel. Will he be reinstated on the throne of Iran after a US/Israeli backed coup there? Three blacks were shot by a mentally ill White kid in the latest shooting used for antiWhite purposes.

What really happened in Maui? We take a look at footage, testimonies and different theories as to what caused it. Will Lahaina become the first '15 minute city' in America?

SBF is awaiting trial in prison and complained that he isn't getting his ADHD meds or vegan meals. Elon Musk plans to launch a Paypal competitor.

Later, we talk about the Abrahamic World Order.



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