Western Warrior

Wall Street Revolt, #Silversqueeze, Biden's Agenda

We return after relocating across the country. Episode 173 kicks off on White House nepotism as Ella Emhoff gets a modeling contract. Bernie suggests America have a $22/hr min wage like Denmark and Denmark pushes to have zero asylum seekers. We'll dive into the Wall Street revolt including #gamestop and #silversqeeze.

France is trying to criminalize Generation Identity and in Hungary fertility rates increase by 24% after new government policy. Poland is introducing a new law to fight big tech censorship and their president says the focus needs to be on combatting neo-Marxist content. BBC releases a tax payer funded "educational film" for children that claims there are over 100 gender identities.

Trump is invited to speak at a spring meeting and is seen on camera saying says he's not done yet. Biden is busy pushing executive orders and pushes for a Covid vaccine health passport.



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