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Was Cheddar Man From Wakanda?

Episode 53 opens on Elon Musk's exciting SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch and the Tesla Roadster he shot up into space. For warm fuzzy feels, we tell the story of Koshlandia, the land of beautiful cats in Siberia.

As John William Waterhouse fans, we comment on the Manchester Art Gallery who removed Waterhouse’s Hylas and the Nymphs painting “to prompt conversations about how we display and interpret artworks.” It resulted in feminist hysteria on how women are portrayed in paintings.

We devote a large segment to Cheddar Man, a skeleton found 100 years ago in a Somerset cave, who leftie scientists are now saying had black skin and blue eyes and is the real first Briton. Also, we discuss the movie Black Panther that portrays a highly advanced black African ethnostate, which is being praised by liberal media

Norway's Olympic team is accused of supporting “neo-Nazism” after wearing their ski team sweater that featured runes in the weave. Not too long, Norway was also charged for being “too White” by the President of the Jewish Community in Oslo.


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Was Cheddar Man From Wakanda?

Was Cheddar Man From Wakanda?

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"Diversity" Is a Weapon Against White People

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