Western Warrior

#Wayfairgate & Tucker Carlson’s Lead Writer Resigns Over “Unspeakable” Jokes Online

Episode 152 starts with quick headlines. Another day and another fake hate crime. This time in Texas. California will release up to 8,000 prisoners due to the corona-virus and San Francisco passed the Caren Act, which will prevent White women from calling 911 on black men. The McCloskey's were served with a search warrant and Trump commuted Roger Stone. Greece will impose sanctions on Turkey over the Hagia Sophia conversion. Also, a young White mother was shot in the head by a black lives matter mob after saying “all lives matter,” and no one is talking about it in the msm.

A NYC education meeting turns into a hilarious ordeal as members spend 90 minutes scolding each other about White supremacy. BLM/antifa protesters stand off against the police in Portland, Oregon and in Ireland, a protest against pedophilia is protested against for being fascist. The police body cam transcript tells a very different story on the death of George Floyd. There’s always more to the story. The 80’s TV show Wonder Years, that focused on a White family in 1960's America, is going to be rebooted with a black family in 1960’s Alabama.

Later, we dive into #Wayfairgate child trafficking claims and the story of Tucker Carlson’s main writer who resigned over mild jokes he made online.



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